Go Light Your World, Part III: I Believe

To effectively lead, we must shine from the inside first. Adding the latest leadership traits to your skill set hardly ever works unless it fits with your true self, and well, you need to know your true self first to be an effective leader.

Speaking of your true self, have you ever spent time thinking about your values? Even if you have, this will not be the typical exercise. For example, one where you’re lead through different value words or statements and asked to choose the ones that resonate, risking choosing values you aspire to vs. those that say who you really are. If you haven’t ever explored your values, get ready for a surprise! Two things will make this process effective and rewarding:

  1. Spend a few minutes jotting down your Peak Moments and inspiration from Parts I and II in this series.
  2. Share your results, insights and thoughts in the comments section. Leadership is a community effort and you can both help and learn from others by sharing. Leadership begets leadership, right?

OK, let’s get to it.

  1. First, go to your calendar program and block off 15 minutes this week. If you have time to do it now, even better.
  2. During that 15 minutes of scheduled “you” time, spend five minutes freely writing responses toeach of the following two statements. Try to keep writing that entire time and don’t judge or start editing.
    • “I believe…..”
    • “My ideal life looks like….”
  3. During the last five minutes, highlight key words or statements that strike you.
  4. Keep those words or phrases in front of you, and in your mind throughout the week. Pay attention to where your activities are consistent, or not.
  5. Finally, be on the lookout for others expressing their values, either overtly or subtly. It will help in your own process to observe others’ values in action. What did you notice?

Here is an excerpt from when I did this two years ago: “I believe in doing the right thing, following through, seeing beauty, valuing people and finding my passion.”

Now it’s your turn. Have fun with it!


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