You Are Born to Lead: Reflect, Adapt, and Make an Impact Right Now is now available for purchase on Amazon!

Co-author Kelly McCleary and I have spent our professional careers in business and have had to learn many leadership lessons the hard way. Now, we wrote the book we wish we’d had to guide us at every stage of our careers.

Anyone can use this book to develop their own unique leadership approach.

Learn how to:

  • Understand your values
  • Engage with others
  • Coach your team
  • Employ the most critical actions at each leadership level
  • Hone your emotional intelligence
  • Survive common career changes, and
  • Make career choices more confidently

You Are Born to Lead helps at every step of your professional journey, from self-leadership to senior leadership of large teams. We include short activities at the end of each chapter to help you engage with the material and tailor the information to suit your own circumstances. These exercises show you the leadership values, techniques, and styles that best suit your personality and goals!

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Happy leading!


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