EChristine for Bios & Websites-2arly in my communications career, I knew I wanted to make more of an impact on the success of organizations. No matter the job or company, I always noticed culture and leadership, and how these two things contributed (or not) to the company’s success.

Thus, I got an MBA and pursued an HR role requiring change communication skills for a client that was implementing an enterprise technology solution. Immediately thereafter the company was acquired, and I learned those important change management, leadership and culture skills, boot-camp style! Ever since then, I have consistently led teams through change in complex environments, connecting the dots that ultimately drive cultures in which people can truly thrive and that align with strategy.

I have over 25 years experience working in the human resources and marketing communications fields at large corporations, agencies, non-profits and for all levels of leaders, including CIO and CRO. I’ve partnered with clients in financial services, food production, insurance, technology and risk management, and have led several enterprise-wide initiatives.

The Difference:

I see what others don’t see, am visionary and can quickly implement practical actions that will make a big difference. I don’t draw from a static tool kit — I see every organization and team as unique. I first listen for what will work in any given culture or situation, then align and improve accordingly.

I am approachable, curious, candid and build trust quickly. This style creates great conversations and practical solutions, whether we are working one-on-one or within a large group.

My MBA and BS in print journalism are the foundation of my curiosity, analytical thinking and communication skills and approach. It is the combination of these skills, passion and experience that I believe makes me unique and well-suited to guiding clients through any organizational challenge.

What I do:

Empower, align and improve results.

I believe everyone has their own, unique capability to lead. I am passionate about helping leaders figure this out, because it is incredibly empowering. Also, whether it be a decentralized function, enterprise project or a single team, I believe alignment on strategy, values, behaviors, performance and supporting systems are the critical foundation for achieving goals and getting results. Empowered people moving in the same direction with the same values produces the best results.

I love coming into an organization and learning the business, aligning the leadership team and discovering what will support or impede its goals. I thrive where I can help create a vision, or quickly review the organization against an existing vision, and jumpstart teams to engage employees and achieve results.

I am passionate about pragmatically helping others with leadership development, demonstrated by authoring a leadership blog for the last five years and co-authoring a book on leadership development, You Are Born to Lead.

I would love the opportunity for an initial conversation to learn more about your goals, organizational challenges and how I can help.

-Christine McLaren

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