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Who’s Got Your Back?

Along with the cornerstone activity of setting goals and imagining them to be true from my last post, “The Slow Death of Idle,” another tried-and-true quality among leaders we respect and admire is having a long list of supporters. We all know despite technological advances in the workplace we still need meaningful face-to-face exchanges, particularly when ...


The Slow Death of Idle

There isn’t a lot more you can say about the New Year holiday that hasn’t already been said. However, one concept is worth repeating, every year. It’s because our bodies and minds are in a constant state of contradiction. There is a part of our brain that strives for homeostasis, to have things stay the ...


The Smallest Acts Have the Biggest Impact

Recently, a dear friend, former boss and mentor passed away. It was such a shock, and I spent days processing all these memories I hadn’t thought of for years: insightful perspectives she had, ways we worked together and observing her subtle, but universally respected, leadership style. I had just seen her. One particular memory stood ...