Book is Published!

I wanted you — my long-time blog subscribers — to be the first to know that the book I’ve co-authored with former colleague, Kelly McCleary, You Are Born to Lead: Reflect, Adapt, and Make an Impact Right Now, is now published and available for purchase in print and Kindle formats on!

This has been a years-long journey, but one loaded with growth, challenge and learning. We truly believe the book will help you discover how you can uniquely lead and make the greatest impact right now, and guide you to a successful future as a leader.

Like the millions of other managers and employees throughout the world, we didn’t feel bosses were equipped, nor did leadership models, training or the ‘hard work and luck’ method work to create better leaders. It is the book we wished we’d had earlier, and at every stage of our careers.

Learn how to:

  • understand your values,
  • engage with others,
  • coach your team,
  • easily employ the most critical actions at each leadership level,
  • hone your emotional intelligence,
  • survive common career changes, and
  • make career choices more confidently.

You Are Born to Lead will help you on every step of your professional journey, from self-leadership to senior leadership. There are short activities at the end of each chapter to help you engage with the material and tailor the information to suit your own current circumstances. These exercises will show you the leadership values, techniques, and styles that best your personality and goals!

If you enjoy the book and find it helpful, please leave a positive review on Amazon after you’ve read it. Also consider purchasing as a gift for others, or for a team development activity.

Thank you for your past and ongoing support!

  1. Congratulations, Christine! What an accomplishment! I can’t wait to read your book.

    Best, Anne

    Anne Baker 651.470.6346



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