Be an Inspired Leader, One Monday at a Time

In the spirit of reconnecting with your inspiration — the key to making great things happen — presented a couple of weeks ago in, “What Do Writer’s Block and Leadership Have in Common,” I figured it would be a good idea to follow my advice.

So, please join me on this trip down memory lane as I reconnect with the purpose of this blog, and hopefully you find new inspiration on Monday mornings!

A Small Idea: Could Mondays be Better Than Fridays?

The idea came about a year ago, early on a Monday morning, with the simple thought, “What if you could feel the same on Monday morning as you do on Friday morning?”

Just a Habit:

To summarize the “About This Blog” section, Monday mornings are an opportunity to start fresh, to approach things differently after a weekend break. Alas, very quickly after arriving one falls into the autopilot grind of emails, meetings and other things that chip away efforts to improve. I want work to inspire. Don’t you?

Getting dragged into the grind is simply a habit begging to be broken. But it’s not just about you, it’s about others. What if you get in the habit of doing something different first thing Monday mornings to divert you from the Monday Slide? Through some small inspired action by you, hopefully others will come along for the ride — it is inspired workers, teams and companies that reach their goals, innovate and become recognized as such.

Little is Actually Big When Everyone is Leading:

I truly believe everyone can lead in some way. But change is hard. Let’s face it, unless it’s easy, it probably won’t happen. Therefore, the ideas here won’t be concepts that feel good to read, but are too vague to do anything about. It’s about many small actions, repetition and scale: more and more people executing on small, effective ideas turned into habits over time cause real transformation! Similarly, the ocean is many drops of water. What transformation are we going for? Inspired workplaces!

Variety and Fun:

I’ll admit this part is probably for me, but hopefully you’ll also benefit from hearing from a large variety of sources on various leadership topics. Also, it’s hard not to sneak in some humor every now again — workplaces are pretty funny, frankly. Well, if you’re in HR they are.

Invitation to Break the Habit:

Lastly, let’s make breaking the Monday Slide habit as easy as possible. Simply click “Follow Monday Mentor Blog Via Email” on the left hand column of the blog and voilà!

Most Mondays you’ll find an easy, new way to start. Well, there will be a little work to do, but only a little. Remember, little is big over time.

Thanks so much for visiting!


  1. November 20, 2012 at 12:53 am

    Good post. And did you feel inspired on this Monday? (Inspired to do your turkey prep, I bet.) YM

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