Leadership Isn’t About Winning and Losing

There is no end to leadership advice, including this blog. Common themes include humility, integrity, developing others, self-awareness, having a vision and modeling the way.

However, what are those unstated traits that while not popular to teach, are nonetheless rewarded? One is competitiveness. The very nature of competition implies there are winners and losers. Every great leader wants to win, right?

Frequently, an initial positive thing gets twisted and taken somewhere very unlike its original intent. Perhaps that’s the case here. Having a spirit of setting goals and inspiring others to achieve those goals isn’t inherently bad. Being aware of what others are doing is useful information.

The trick is to not find oneself wishing others ill success, being happy when another fails, and showing humility when it’s your turn to fail.

Perhaps a true leader desires everyone to win. He or she cares less about beating others doing the same thing, and rather focuses on new ways to make an impact.

“Focus on competition has always been a formula for mediocrity.” — Daniel Burrus 

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